BEST OF 2016 

I thought it might be a great idea to look back through my favourite memories of 2016, it was a fantastic year, I had some amazing experiences. Let's have a look at the best moments!


Travel is a big part of my life and I was fortunate to travel lots in 2016. First stop was Rome Italy during easter, I attended easter mass with my friends and visited the Vatican which was magical. The funniest part was when my feet hurt so bad I had to wear flip flops that were two sizes too small, it was hilariously embarrassing but my feet were grateful. Italy is so instagrammable, every corner is beautiful, rich in history and the people are warm and so lovely. 

I also made a quick trip to Paris France to see my Aunty Jo a few months later with my cousin Joanne. We spent most of our time eating delicious crepes and looking for makeup in Sephora, we even managed to get lost in the Louvre museum.  


I auditioned for Avenue Q in April 2016 for the role of Gary Coleman, I didn't even think I'd get it but when I did I was so happy and so scared at the same time. The cast were amazing - we memorised the play, harmonies, solo's, dance moves and stage cues in two months. We performed at the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre, every moment was full of so much fun and every night we had a standing ovation. This taught me that I sometimes underestimate myself and that I can achieve so much when I push myself. Playing Gary allowed me to embrace my inner child and I also learnt to dance ... well sort of 😋 


I have wanted to visit Scotland but for the longest time it was just a wish until August 2016, me and my friends decided to take a four day road trip journey to explore Scotland. We traveled up the NC500 and touched on landmarks such as The Kelpies, Dornoch, Smoo Caves, Loch Ness, we camped for one night at Ben Nevis and stayed in the loveliest Air bnb in inverness. I look forward to travelling to Edinburgh this year.  


I love Birthdays ........ just not My Birthday but this changed. I had just began working at Ogilvy when my friends from the internship (knowing my love for singing) threw me a surprise Karaoke party. It was the best night and I sang my heart out, we partied like no other (Turn up 😂). The Karaoke went down a treat, it's now an event we run every month. 25 feels so good and looking back over my life, I realise there's a God watching over me, I'm very lucky and grateful. 


In July 2016 I started a two month internship in Advertising first one being at AOL, I had the opportunity to write for the Huffington Post read it here. I met so many lovely people and had the best mentor, my favourite memory is AOL sports day and filming the Avocado Bun Burger at Joe's Southern Kitchen, we got to eat it, it was incredible. 


In September I started my creative internship at Ogilvy, I've had the best time, I work with so many amazing people, I've learned more than I could imagine, Created campaigns and worked on so many cool brands and ideas... and have made great friendships with my Pipers, who I love so much! Everyday at the office is a joy and after being given a 3 month extension, I'm learning so much from being an advertising Creative. 


And of course all this fun can't be had alone! All my friends and family made a huge contribution to how wonderful 2016 was, here's to more laughs and more banter.  

                                                         Y△lanta 😘


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