Top - Monki (similar) // Jeans - Asos (Daisy Street) // Shoes - Vans // Watch - Accurist (similar) // Earrings - H&M

On a lovely Sunday a week ago I took a lovely walk around Dulwich Park and had a tasty Italian lunch with my cousins, I've recently been working very hard and it felt great to go out for a Sunday walk and bond with the family. And of course I had to take some blog photos!

Lately I've wanted to have more fun with fashion, in winter it gets harder to fully express my style because I'd much rather cover up. But on this day the chill wasn't gonna stop me, I bought this off the shoulder top from Monki a few weeks ago after visiting FrameStore - a very cool production studio, they created the visual effects for Gravity the Film! Anyway I digress, I love this top because it's makes any outfit look dare I say "shexy", I paired it with my favourite embroidered jeans from Daisy Street they add a bit of fun to my wardrobe and old skool vans that go with anything and everything. Fashion should be fun and I'm becoming a little more expressive with my wardrobe hope you can too.

To end this post I wanted to touch on mental health, it's incredibly important to check in with yourself daily to see how you feel. And whatever the feeling have the courage to work on it if it needs attention, putting your mental health first will benefit other parts of your life. 
I have been trying to take better care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually - sometimes I neglect myself and I can let stress takeover, often forgetting to Stop, Relax and give Gratitude.

It feels good to be back 

Y x 


  1. Gorgeous photos, you look stunning! I love the top and the trousers, so simple and chic. Did you take the pictures in Hyde Park? Also, I've spent the last 10 minutes thinking about what shexy means haha - I probably shouldn't read posts during lectures, my mind clearly can't do two things at the same time. Mental health is really important, I'm glad you've been trying to take better care of yourself. :) xx



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