Head scarf - Gifted // Top - Topshop // Culottes - Zara // Shoes - ASOS

Today I had a dream that I reconnected with an old friend I haven't seen for a while, in the dream we sat and talked about what we had been up to and how much we missed each-other. He smiled just like he used to, his eyes lighting up and the creases in his smile making way for his pearly white teeth. 

Dreams are like that, they give you hope and a sense of freedom, I personally dream all the time mainly about people, events and needing a wee. This month has been a pretty special one, since I was a little girl I've always wanted to live my dreams, for reality to touch and merge with them, for the first time, it is. I've been working really hard and pushing myself in more ways than I have ever done, by the time I'm home I have sore feet and tired eyes and set my clock for 5am again to do it all tomorrow. What ever your dreams are they are worth fighting for, put in a little extra effort, believe in the magic of life and possibilities, leap from your dream into reality. 

Above I'm wearing my favourite pink culottes from Zara, I paired them with a white vest and white cut-out boots for a little edge, I love how headscarfs look so my mum kindly showed me how to tie this one. I started my new internship too as you know I was at AOL for two months and now I'm interning at Ogilvy and Mather - it's great to be learning new things and expanding my creative outlets. Hope you do something you're proud of this week !

Much love 

Yolanta x 


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