Dashiki - Gift // Jeans - Topshop // Shoes - New Balance 420

So we had an incredible adventure in the Louvre and a mini photo session.... My pervious trips to Paris never gave me enough time to pay this magical place a visit until now. So what better way to make my entrance than in a beautiful Dashiki, isn't it lovely? Me and my cousin both wore our west african Dashiki's and we turn a few heads - in a good way I think. 
We spent about three hours in the museum exploring ancient Egyptian artefacts, Roman statues, intricate oil paintings and of course taking selfies with Mona Lisa. We managed to skip the queues, admired the beautiful architectural design of the building and found something new in every corner.
 I wish I had visited sooner and stayed there longer - next time I'll have my sketch book on hand to capture the moment. Have you been to the Louvre ? What were your highlights? 


  1. It's so incredible that you got to go to the Lourve! I love it! I wish I could visit France one of these days, oh isn't it beautiful? Just like you <3


    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H


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