When In Rome

                      Top - Topshop // Skirt - Paris Vintage Shop // Shoes - Miista

Waking up on this morning I was exhilarated to be waking up once again in a new place, there’s something I’ve never told you, I enjoy exploring and being in a different place where I experience a whole new way of life. My soul craves for these moments yearly and it has me yearning to travel the world (Yolanta the Explorer). 
With dream dust in my eyes I got up, showered, read, meditated and did some admin work, I wanted to make an effort with my outfit so I went for a white plunge neck cami from Topshop paired with my vintage skirt from a Paris vintage store. I applied natural makeup with a dark brown eye shadow and my favourite Red Illamasqua lipstick called Box.
My favourite thing about this outfit is my shoes, I got these at a Miista Sample sale, I love the copper (sometimes) pinkish colour and how it complimented my skin tone and my jazzy skirt. I really wanted to take the right footwear with me on this trip as I knew I’d be walking a lot, I can gracefully I didn’t do too bad. Although my flip flops were in my bag.
I was complimented numerous times with this outfit, which makes a gal feel good.
I met up with my friends and we headed out for food, it was Pizza for the guys and a Moroccan Mint tea for me, I can’t describe my horror, every restaurant we went to didn’t serve Peppermint tea. I think I’m actually addicted guys.
My friends and I strolled to a nearby Park, we had fun with a segway, it was pretty hilarious I was petrified but I got the hang of it in the end. Those things are a lot of Fun I finally get the ‘Hype’. I want one.
These shots were taken in the beautiful gardens filled with rich green plants and gorgeous marble statues, the weather was drizzly and damp but you know you transform into a superhero when you’re a fashion blogger. Nothing can stop you from your quest, not even the rain.
The boys left to catch their flights, later that afternoon, Sandy went exploring and I went to an Art Gallery (post coming soon) it was incredible but more about that later.
After I roamed around the area consciously avoiding walking under trees as I was scared of being pooped on again. I found a quiet area and bravely took some shots alone, using the timer on my camera and my hand as a focus point and they turned out great! I then walked to the Colloseum before getting the subway home to catch up on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.
Have you guys got the travelling bug too? Let me know where you’d love to go on your next adventure

Love Yolanta x


  1. What a stunning look! The skirt looks amazing and I love the shoes! I honestly wish I had your wardrobe, you got so many unique and amazing pieces. It sounds like you had a great time in Rome, the location looks beautiful and I honestly want one of these tiny little cakes. Shame that they didn't have peppermint tea anywhere though, they seriously need to work on that! I can't wait for your post about the art gallery. xx



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