Stairway To Heaven

Best bits !

                Sistine Chapel sefie ! :) 

Dress - Topshop // Jacket - Asos // Shoes - Miista //  Lipstick ESP - Illamasqua

And we've come to the last post from my trip to Rome, I hope you've enjoyed these posts and I've settled back into my normal music and rehearsals schedule in London. This was my last day I had finished packing and was waiting for my friend to come back so we could check out of the apartment, I set the camera on timer by the window in the hallway and shot my outfit. I've had the Topshop dress for a while and it was too always too big for me - until recently, it now fits like a glove and I'm so happy about it. It's beautiful with purple floral embroidery, a cropped top and high neck, I added my favourite Miista loafers and my staple purple Illamasqua lipstick for a pop. I received countless compliments whilst ordering my crepe and taking my last walk around the town, some creepy ones too lol. My favourite moments from the trip were meeting the Pope, receiving holy communion, visiting the Vatican museum, taking a selfie with the Sistine Chapel - my favourite is the creation of Adam, exploring the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, seeing beautiful well preserved ancient buildings, talking to the lovely locals and getting pooped on for the first time. I was excited to get home but unfortunately my plane was delayed for 3 hours and we had to be searched multiple times due to unfortunate racial profiling you can read the article here. I'm excited to travel again later this month, I caught the travelling bug! If not now, then when right?! 



  1. Your outfit is amazing, I love that dress! And the pictures turned out really well, when I set the camera on timer I end up looking really weird in the pictures haha. I just read the article, that's just awful, I'm feeling really bad for the guy. xx


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