Dress - H&M // Jumper - Topshop // flipflops - a random shop in Rome

These photos were taken after spending the morning at the Vatican at easter mass, we woke up at 7am (6am uk time) to get front seats to see pope Francis do his thang, my feet hurt so bad from the walking the day before so I bought flip-flops. These flip-flops saved my life (i know it sounds dramatic but it's true) I'm not used to walking as much as I did in Rome, great for fitness bad for my feet but the funny thing is that I bought them a size too small Iool, besides feeling like I was size a 3uk they are my favourite accessory now. The tragic part of the trip is that about an hour after taking these photos I got pooped on by a bird for the first time, I mean the damn bird did a big number right down my back. Luckily I was wearing my jumper and my friend happened to have water and a towel in his bag (I feel like the universe had my back). But I digress, from all the sore feet to bird poop my ultra favourite thing was wearing this Olive silk dress from H&M, I felt so elegant and graceful and got lots of compliments from lovely people. I wore a bold red lip from Illamasqua called Box with minimal makeup and small silver hoop earrings. I loved exploring the colourful narrow streets, of course I had to take as many photos as I could (to the annoyance of my friends, in the end I put my camera on timer and took a few on my own lol blogger struggle) Rome is a beautiful city with so much to see, as with all cities you have the beautiful parts but to my surprise there is also a lot of poverty in the city, despite this it didn't take away from the beauty and diversity of this ancient city. 

Yolanta x  


  1. What a beautiful dress, olive green really suits you! I've never thought of combing this colour with navy blue but I think this might be my new favourite combination. ;) Apparently the bird thought the same haha. Rome is such a beautiful city, I hope I can go back one day. xx



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