National Gallery Of Modern and Contemporary Art

I had the pleasure whilst in Rome to visit the National Gallery Of Modern and Contemporary Art, captured by the beauty of the Architecture I was surrounded by beautiful large windows, large open spaces and high ceilings, I lost track of time and explored for two hours, I fell in love with so many pieces.
As you can see there was a great variety of Artwork from a multitude of Arts varying in Pop Art, Modern Art, Sculptures, exhibitions and Classical paintings. My favourites were the ones with slashed canvases, broken glass floor, framed textured materials to car scrap - basically I liked all the ones I thought I could do lol and it was beautiful to see different materials and methods used because really what is Art? I think you decide as the Artist and the viewer. 
I found time to sit and sketch a sculpture by Auguste Rodin of a naked man holding his head, bearing it all and I found several selfie opportunities and unleashed my photography skills. I had a great time, the Gallery has a huge eclectic collection there’s something for every Art lover, if you are ever in Rome go and give it a visit. Hope you enjoyed this visual post

Yolanta x


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