March Close up !

March was a lot of fun  and it went by in a flash! Here are my Top Moments!
1) & 2) After months of rehearsals, my professional singing class performed 3 songs at our final showcase, it was great fun and we all learned a lot this year. 
3) One of my best friends Hannah came down from Manchester and we spent the afternoon giggling and running around The Saatchi Gallery.
4) & 5) My professional approach to Drama class performed the play of La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler, I played a Maid who was seduced by a young Master. I loved working with everyone especially our teacher Martina who is an exceptional actress. 
6) My cousin surprised me with tickets to an alice in wonderland musical adaptation by Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), Moira Buffini and Rufus Norri. I'm a huge Damon Albarn fan and Alice in wonderland is my favourite novel, so this musical was on my top ten things to see and I'm so happy it surpassed all my expectations. It was an incredible experience and such a great musical, the production, actors and songs were perfect. That's me having an interactive experience with a virtual reality game. Brilliant
7) & 8) Rome - I felt the most free exploring Rome and finding new things and places that I love and enjoy, and I got to tick another thing off my bucket list - seeing Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel especially The creation of Adam. 
9) Me as a badass Powerpuff Girl, this is my current wall paper and it reminds me how badass resilient I am! 

I'll be performing in Watford and London on Friday and Saturday along side the Notting Hill Orchestra For Film Music! If you're free come down, I'd love to meet my viewers even those of you who don't feel comfortable commenting ;). Click Here for tickets 



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