I've had a pretty steady reflective week, I hurt my back over the weekend so I spent a few days recovering, I'm learning that no matter how much I want to do it all, I can't and that's OK. My anxiety was worse this week meaning I didn't get much sleep and I felt constantly on edge burdened by the lists of things I had/have to do. When this happens Analysis Paralysis hits me hard but I'm working through it, Yoga helped me de-stress & journalling helped me assess what I'm feeling and how I can change. Here are the songs that have been helping reduce my anxiety this week.

The Green - Chocolate & Roses

Troy - Rosary

Azekel - Mad About The Boy

Shakka - Say Nada

Earth, Wind & Fire - Can't Let Go

Hope you've enjoyed this weeks playlist, have a great weekend!



  1. I hope you're feeling better, Yolanta. Whenever I'm bed-ridden, I often turn into a mopy, analytical freak, too. Good luck. x


  2. I hope you feeling better by now, I love all these song specially Shaka-Say Nada, great song. xoxo


  3. I hope you're feeling better! I'm listening to these songs right now and I agree, they are great for reducing anxiety, they're making me feel better too. I'm currently sitting in bed eating chocolate and listening to the playlist haha. xx



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