Top - Topshop // Dungaree Culottes - Topshop // Trainers - New Balance 

I love wearing stripes, navy and trainers those are probably my favourite laid back looks. And I love a good peppermint tea in a cute cafe in this case The Book Club in Old street, I spend a lot of time there and it's my favourite place for meeting up with friends, writing blog posts and playing foosball. After last weeks mayhem it feels so good to be in good shape, although hurting my back made me feel like an old woman, I'm so happy to be able to do Yoga again and move around funny how we take those things for granted. And because of that I've been doing my Gratitude Journal every day and honestly there's so many simple things to be grateful for like your health, supportive family, reliable friends, a home to live in, Peppermint tea and the shoes you have on your feet. And so much more, I hope you enjoy you're weekend and I'm grateful that you stopped by <3 

Yolanta x


  1. Fresh peppermint tea is definitely something I'm grateful for, I could drink at least 10 cups a day! Your outfit looks amazing - I'm a bit jealous that you can pull off dungarees ;) - and so does the café, I love the 'tube map'. xx

  2. Love this outfit !


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