close up - February

February was a great Month for me, it went by so fast but each day makes me more and more grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I've been given and the caring people around me I had so many wonderful experiences and a lot of fun, here are my top moments!

1) Seeing the Neil Buchan Grant exhibition which I wrote about here, 2) Meeting up with my lovely cousins to talk about future collaborations and we had a nice catch up and laugh as usual at the Attendant coffee shop. I've had great luck with finding little coffee shops around London where I can get a lot of work done and this is one of them located in Shoreditch. 3) My cousin spontaneously bought a bike and we went on the search for a helmet for her, I spotted this beautiful black Pashley bike, I really want a bike especially one with a basket but I'm also looking into getting a scooter or some Rollerblades. I'm a Libra very indecisive ... maybe I'll get them all. 4) On this day I was part of a Neuro-marketing research experiment, after having tubes on my head, forehead and nose I went guitar window shopping. I don't think I've had the opportunity to share my love of Guitars with you guys, I stumbled upon this sexy white and gold electro acoustic, I've been getting lessons and I'm ready to have my own badass guitar. 5) That's me in Monki doing some shopping, I really love their new collection its all structured with a pop of colour. 6) I never really go to events alone but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and attend the event Sketch Books Are Dead, 20 of us sketched and talked to each other for five minutes at a time. I met so many like minded people who were into the same shows I'm obsessing over, artists or shared my love for peppermint tea as well as Scandinavian home ware. This is my drawing of Yan, the best drawing I did that night lol. 
7) Sound meditation bath- this changed my life, a South American native brought instruments i.e Crystal bowls from Japan, Gongs from India as well as ancient South American instruments that range in frequency. You basically lay down and get into a meditative state then she plays these instruments and you can feel the sound waves vibrating through your body. This is believed to balance your Chakra's and boy did I feel balanced after. I have a deep interest in Soundscapes so I found this very intriguing, I did this alone too, take that social anxiety! 8) & 9) I met up with my friend Dana who came from Spain to visit, we went to Harrods and I pretended to be a Barbie, we then got matching glitter tattoos, they honestly have the best toy section in there. 10) this doesn't have a picture but I'm proud to say that I've been cast in the musical Avenue Q as Gary Coleman! I auditioned for it two weeks ago and got the part, I have no idea how I got it lol but I'm excited. It'll be performed over 10 days in June at the GWT in London. 
February for me was about stepping out of my comfort zone and having confidence in myself as well as God. March is about making in happen and putting in the time and effort to finish all the projects I've started. Here's to another great month 



  1. It sounds like you had an amazing month! Congrats on getting the part in the musical - that's so exciting! I love the picture with Barbie - Harrods is definitely one of my favourite places in London, I could spend a whole day there. Sound meditation baths sound really good, I should try that. :) xx

    1. Yes it was an awesome Month! Thank you I'm so nervous but excited at the same time. haha yhh Harrods is the best, you should definitely try a Sound bath it's awesome! xx


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