It's midweek and I thought, what better way to treat myself for all my hard work? A visit to Lush of course. I believe in relaxation and time alone to recuperate and take care of your well being, and Lush bath bombs are cruelty free, use natural products and are a fun way to relax in the bath. Here is what I got

1) Guardian Of The Forest Bath Bomb : This was recommended to me by a lovely sales assistant at the store, it has Cypress oil an antiseptic woody fragrance extracted from the leaves and cones of the Italian Cypress tree, Rosewood Oil which has a spicy, citrusy and woody aroma, Lime Oil which is uplifting, zesty and known for boosting circulation and lastly Oakmoss from the Usneaceae plant family historically used to cure bronchitis, colds and asthma.

2) Intergalactic Bath Bomb : This is one of my favourite bath bombs it's basically the cosmos in your bathtub, it has peppermint Oil which cools and stimulates the sensory nerve endings, Grapefruit Oil known for brightening and cleansing the skin, Vetivert Oil often used as a warming oil for muscular aches and pains and lastly Cedarwood Oil used in meditation to relax and harmonise the mind.

3) Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb : This bath bomb was also recommend by the sales assistant she said it was her favourite it contains, Sandalwood Oil an emollient Australian oil which cools and softens skin, Olibanum Oil used as one of the earliest perfumes by ancient civilisations its also used for respiratory problems and fighting infection , Cassie Absolute which has a comforting scent of violet and orange blossom, and lastly Ho Wood Oil which has a distinct woody and floral scent.

I'm really looking forward to having a relaxing treat this evening I think I'll use Guardian of the forest first, let me know if you've tried any of these and what your favourite lush bombs are.

Yolanta x 


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