close up: January

January what can I say, you were a beautiful month for me and I guess you'll always be my favourite time of year apart from my birthday and christmas of course ;). Here are my favourite moments in no particular order :)

1) I loved writing my Threads around the web over on Africa Fashion this look was my favourite to create I feel like it's so me! 2) I loved having my makeup done at Illamasqua check out my last post, I left feeling beautiful and bold plus the lovely compliments were uplifting. 3) I had a lovely evening with the Africa fashion team at the Wow Beauty event, I left feeling inspired to take batter care of myself mind body and soul. 4) Thats my beautiful friend Hoda, she, I and one of my best friends Shahrukh went to the Saatchi gallery I caught her at her most flattering moment haha. 5) Over the weekend of the 16th and 17th my friend Sandy and I walked all over central London exploring the Lumiere London festival, it was by far my favourite kind of art installation, we froze to death but it was worth it. 6) That gorgeous blonde is my friend Sophie, we took this selfie at our staff party at the Roxy on the 14th after working two months at the Natural History Museum Swarovski Ice Rink, yes it was an open bar and yes I had multiple mojito's. 7) I had an anxiety attack right before bed, so I decided to colour in my Zen Colouring book, take that anxiety! 8) Nicole took me to the She Can Jam open mic night, after a glass of wine I sang Diamonds (here is my cover) by Rihanna with the all female Band, I felt so badass. 9) That's me and Aunty Jo the day before she left to go back to Paris, I think we were in Pizza Express.

10) I was sharpening some skates on the last day at the Ice Rink. 11) Me and my cousins had an adventure in Ikea after attending a baby shower. 12) It was about 1am I was sitting in bed after writing a few songs, half sleepy half inspired. 13) Me playing house in Ikea (I don't think you know how much I love Ikea and all thing home decor follow me on Pinterest, go on. 14) At the Saatchi I love these cows, only because I can be a cow sometimes (moo). 15) A selfie taken at the studio, gosh do I love to sing surprised my neighbours haven't complained.... yet. 16) My friend Sandy invited me to The World Goes Pop exhibition at Tate Modern, you're not allowed to take photos but I'm a rebel (grr). 17) Me at the Saatchi (post coming soon) looking intensely into the camera. 18) I had an incredible singing lesson and Acting class, I ate delicious pizza's (yes more than one) at Franco Manca with my friends and ended the night watching a Play with my cousin, I really liked our shoes. 19) I got into the Notting Hill Orchestra for Film Music, I love it Currently learning Mozart and Star Wars!

I Loved January here's to more great moments in February the month of L-O-V-E!

Here are some sexy photos of myself for your pleasure haha xx

Yolanta x 


  1. Your makeup looks stunning, you rock the blue lips!x It looks like you had a great January, I've heard so much about the Lumiere festival, I wish I could have seen it. I also secretly take pictures of art galleries and it's totally worth it, even though I can't help but feel a bit guilty afterwards haha. xx


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