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On the 26th of November my wonderful cousin celebrated her Birthday! Here's what we got up to. We went to a few bars in London for Monica's Birthday including Sketch bar and Hix bar in central London. I've wanted to go to Sketch for years and it was such a cool vibe. We didn't have food (which is a must next time) but had some delicious cocktails. The photos you can see are of the pod toilets, they change the design every now and then. I like the little trees so festive! We had a great night with friends and laughed a lot and I talked too much as usual.            

I surprised Monica with tickets to a private screening of Steve Job with the Director Danny Boyle. He was so lovely and we had a little chat about what music he's listening to and his favourite musicals. The movie was great to, I love Michael Fassbender, he can do no wrong. The film was shot mainly indoors and focused on the relationship between Jobs and his daughter Lisa.


We went ice skating at the Natural History Museum Ice Rink, which was a lot of fun, I left without falling and all fingers in tact! One of the ice marshals Kem my friend, showed me some tricks and held my hand as he took me around the ring, I think Monica enjoyed herself too, she made me laugh so much. Check out the beautiful christmas lights in Carnaby street, I love this time of year! Hope you're all feeling festive and happy too :) 

P.s I also forgot to mention, Me and my singing group Opened for composer Michael Nyman yesterday for his show at Wac! It was one of the most incredible experiences of this year, our singing teacher composed a song inspired by Nyman's work. I was very proud! 

 Yolanta x 


  1. Looks like you had a great day, the Sketch bar looks amazing! Ice skating is a must for December, I'll hopefully get the chance to do it this weekend. :) x


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