DEAR 2015

 Mum, me & Aunty Jo

Dear 2015
 if I'm really honest I'm glad you are over, you weren't easy to live with, at times I didn't think I'd see past you but thank you for all you taught me. You started off on a great note with new friends, a new job and musical collaborations that I really enjoyed. You taught me how to face my anxiety head on and I had the courage to get on stage again. I travelled to Berlin in February with my wonderful friends explored the city and fell in love with the power of Art and creativity. I spent a week in Denmark with my lovely cousin Paddy and her beautiful little family, I needed the adventure I loved every minute of it and driving to Sweden was a dream come true for the Ikea lover that I am. 

My mum was terribly sick in hospital three times through out the year and each time it was touch and go, I kept a smile on my face but inside I was breaking, at times I was alone, nobody called or came by, I'd come home to an empty house, I'd miss the sound of her laughing on the phone or watching terrible Nigerian films. 
You saw me cry night after night, you saw me get down on my knees and pray to God to save her. Thank you for not taking her away.

I fell in love at the start of the year with my first love, first loves are always hard to get over, thank you for all the lessons you taught me there too, even tho they were hard ones, we made some great memories I'll cherish. And thank you for what he meant to me. 

I created the best memories with my cousins especially Jowie and Monica thank you for them, for the friends who accompanied me to music events, restaurants, shopping, assisted me with photoshoots for my blog (even with busy crowds of people watching), picked up the phone to hear me talk about life, came to watch me perform and who gave me great advice (I love you all).
I acted in my first play Iphigenia at Aulis haha, you made me courageous in more ways than I could imagine, I had great fun, I sang at numerous venues in Shoreditch and at the Vortex Jazz Club, even with shaky hands. 

I loved the beautiful long walks in summer, the trips to the beach, road trips to Wales and 3am
impromptu trips to southend. All the exhibitions I explored to the nights I gazed at the stars and tried to work out how big the universe is and how small I am. 
Thanks for the best birthday ever two words Lion King. Thanks for making me ambitious with my work and music and turning me Vegan for two weeks, before I had a melt down in M&S because I couldn't eat anything other than salads... (I'm still working on it I swear)

And thank you for taking me to BBC radio 2 to see Berry Gordy interviewed for The Sound of Motown (that was pretty cool) and for letting my singing group open for film composer Michael Nyman (that was really cool too). For my internship with the Ultimate Seminar, working closely with the coolest shoe brand Miista, working at Wembley, Cheasea football club & for the National Paralympic Day. 
In December Mum turned 54, Grandma 79!! I'm very excited for the Birthday celebrations in 2016! We had the nicest Christmas with Aunty Jo coming from Paris, laughs, lots of love and we even had family Karaoke haha.

I cut my hair, gained new confidence, embraced all the self love jazz click here, and made some very tough decisions of letting go and choosing to be happy. aww ain't that nice. 

With the good, the bad and the ugly 2015 bye bye baby :) 

Hello 2016 
I think we are going to be great friends, you've been so loving towards me and it's only the fourth week in! I'm officially apart of the Notting hill orchestra, got a new blog layout, I've been to some incredible exhibitions and installations. Got to see free films, Charlie and the Chocolate factory in theatre, I'm back in the studio collaborating with some incredible producers (So excited to share this with you) and I've got gigs coming up. Here's to the best year everrr

Love and Light   

Yolanta x 


  1. Your new layout is just amazing! I'm glad your mum is feeling better, that must have been really hard for you. It sounds like you've had a great January so far, I hope the rest of the year will be just as good! x

    1. Thank you Mira!! 2016 will be awesome for both of us, can't wait to see what amazing things are on the cards for both of us <3 xx


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