Vortex jazz club - "Music is magic "

I had the wonderful opportunity to Open for Zoe and Zara at the Vortex Jazz Club on Sunday 27th of September. It was the first time I've performed since April and it felt so good to be back on stage, to be doing what I love the most. I've never been open about my Performance Anxiety and how it's affected me when I'm on the stage and off it, it's hard when the thing you love most scares you so much that you can't do it. I've always felt anxious on stage but in the most recent years (I'd say past 5 years) it has increased so much that I limited how many shows I do, at university I had to battle hard with myself to get through performances. I would shake so much that I couldn't hold the mic, my mouth would get so dry that my voice would weaken and my lips would stick to my teeth and struggle to move (lol it's funny now!). 
But I'm so happy that I didn't let it over come me on Sunday, when I got on stage I felt a sense of peace and confidence, I want to keep pushing myself and reach new goals, I'll always have anxiety but I'm learning how to work with it. If anyone else suffers from performance anxiety I'd recommend learning to breathe diaphragmatically and working with your anxiety, not against it, you'll be able to calm down and proceed. Thanks to the awesome acts Deleted scene and to Zoe and Zara for inviting me down to perform, I had a blast! Let me know if you struggle with anxiety and your experiences, any tips would be great. 


                       Dress - Topshop // Boots - Miista 

Orange is one of my favorite colours and I feel so bright and bubbly when I wear this dress. It's from the Asos petite section so it fits me perfectly, I love the wrap front style as I think it adds a feminine detail to the dress which would look boring and straight without it. I don't have anything like this in my wardrobe and when the wind blows the front fold lifts up as well. I like that it can be dressed up or dressed down on this day I wore it with my favourite Miista sample boots as they glisten in the sun and because they have a bad ass 3D scanned heel, they flatter my legs so much that I felt they would look cool with this dress. Let me know what you think? Hope you enjoyed this double post

           Yolanta x


  1. Amazing pictures, I wish I could have gone to your performance, you got an amazing voice!x And I'm glad that you didn't let your anxiety stop you, I know this can be hard! BTW, I am in love with your outfit, orange really suits you and these boots are honestly the coolest boots I have ever seen! x



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