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This time last weekend I went on a road trip to Wales with my two favourite buddies Danyal and Shahrukh. We had a sleep over the night before, telling ghost stories whilst sipping on some tea, I had seen a play earlier that day and felt inspired to write, I slept on the couch and slept like a baby. In the morning the alarm went off at 6am and we all ignored it for about an hour (we like our sleep) till it was unbearable, we got ready and the trip commenced. 

We drove from London it took about four hours roughly, the boys navigated while I slept in the back with my blanket (Diva) occasionally I would wake up and see farm land, some cows but I frequently asked the question "Are we there yet?" like an eager child wanting to stretch my legs. I also had to pee really badly too, I held it in for nearly two hours which is a world record for me (was that TMI? I'm sorry) but eventually we crossed over the Severn bridge. We headed to Asda in Cardiff for snacks, they played old school Jojo on the radio which made me so happy, I dashed to Costa for a Chai Tea latte and sausage toastie, yes it was divine. 

As we drove  further away from the city we were met by spectacular mountain views, Forests with tress so high and Lakes that took my breath away. The stillness, the quiet, the peacefulness was enchanting I felt so grounded and relaxed. On our way to Carreg Cennen Castle we almost broke our tire but driving into a small ditch on the small narrow country roads (we panicked) and as the boys looked at the car I saw the cutest little Brown puppy in casually sitting the middle of the road, I got out and went to say hi, she turn over immediately for a belly rub and I gladly gave her one. After getting the puppy back into her garden we proceeded to the castle, we went in and explored the grounds, I envisioned what it would have been like in the 12th century as I walked from room to room. The acoustics were so good that I sang a little song quietly to myself. Danyal and I then went to explore the Castles natural cave we used D's iPhone torch and delved deeper and deeper, it was so dark and slippery. Apparently it was once used as a dungeon I would not have liked to be held prisoner there. We got to the end and I sang "Memeza" in the dark to commemorate the castle and all the people that had left their stories behind. 

The drive back home was an eventful one more castles, no petrol, we possibly broke the car, humous with carrots, naps for me and crazy traffic to get back into London. I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to have more adventures, I hope you're enjoying your weekend, I have a gig tomorrow (27th Sept) at the Vortex Jazz Club at 8pm if you're near come and say hi!

                                                                            Yolanta x


  1. I love road trips and I would love to go to Wales again, it's such a beautiful country! And I wish I was in London so that I could come to your gig. x

    1. It really was so beautiful! Wish you were there it was an incredible night! x


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