no body does it like you

                                                             Dress - Gift // Sandals - Miista // Jacket - Vintage

My mum bought me this dress a while ago and by accident I rediscovered it and decided to wear it. I like how it fits my body and it's super comfortable to wear. About a week ago I worked at the Miista sample sale and got these lovely sandal and another pair of boots as a payment. I don't have any sandals that resemble these in the slightest, they give an edgy urban look to the outfit. Summer is officially over and in a weird way I'm looking forward to layering, scarfs, more Chai tea lattes and lighting autumn scent candles. I've had this baseball jacket for years and threw it on as I left the house not because it went well with the outfit but because it was so freaking Cold, I felt pretty cool in it tho. My friend Priya helped take these photos, we had a lovely catch up talking about life and our future goals, I took a few photos for her blog too check it out here. So far this week I've had Oprah on every morning speaking words of wisdom as always (I love Oprah so much), she said something that resonated so much within me "no matter what you want to accomplish in life, even tho millions of people are doing it, no body will ever do it like you". So I guess I better start writing my album guys haha. I hope you make today count

                                                                                        Yolanta x


  1. you look so beautiful, i am absolutely in love with your hair it looks amazing, i wish i could pull off a style like that! id love it if youd comment back xx


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