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                                                        Crop top - Asos // Dress - H&M // Sandals - New Look

I've been meaning to cut my hair for a year now but couldn't master the guts to do it, that was until I decided not to be scared of what I would look like and take the first step. I've had relaxed hair from the age of four, my dad took me to the hair dressers one day in Zambia and my hair has been chemically straightened since then. Till now I'd never known what my real hair texture felt like or looked like but I know now was the right time as I wasn't ready before. I cut my hair when I was 11 and it looked so bad that it knocked my confidence and made me feel like a boy, at that age especially for me I was already a tomboy and short hair made it worse. I've always loved my hair and was prideful in the way that I styled it from braids to bantu knots to weaves that ate my hairline. But I've finally realised that I'm not defined by my hair or the way I look, I'm defined by my actions, the things and people I love and the way I choose to live my life. When the barber cut my hair it was a small afro but I told him to keep going I felt like I was letting go of self absorbed concepts I'd let myself get tied into, not just by the media but by my low self-esteem. I've been getting stares everyday but also a lot of compliments non the less my confidence is slowly blooming. So I now look forward to meeting a more authentic version of myself that isn't defined by tangible things and I'm slowly beginning to fall in love with the natural me, no more chemicals and no more letting the world define what is beautiful. And as my hair grows I hope my skin grows a little thicker and my smile a lot brighter. If theres something you want to do but haven't done, don't be scared just take the first step you won't regret it. Love and joy to you

                                                                                          Yolanta x


  1. I love this post and short hair looks amazing on you! And you're absolutely right - the way we look should not define us.

    BTW, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award because your blog is one of my favourites x

    1. Oh emm Gee Thank you gorgeous! I'll be sure to do the same in return :) your awesomeeee


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