Dress - H&M (olddie but a goodie)

I watched a feature documentary called The True Cost which explored the impact the Fashion industry has on people and the planet and I was left feeling incredibly discombobulated. Although I've never had an unhealthy obsession with shopping it opened my eyes to how its affecting the world globally, environmentally, ethically and morally. It highlighted issues such as low income for factory worker, unsafe living conditions (i.e Rana Plaza), increased work load due to added weekly seasons by fashion brands, farmer suicides in India, pollution, to people developing cancers and birth defects due to pesticides. It was extremely graphic at times and showed the unjust treatment and harsh realities that affect the factory worker an cotton farmers around the world. It was disappointing to see how  fashion industry has a myopic attitude to how its affecting people globally, I was left flummoxed and speechless. I hope the appropriate ramifications will be established to apprehend the perpetrators and new laws to be created to protect the workers. I'd strongly recommend you watching the documentary to get more insight and draw to your own conclusion I watched it on Netflix but I'm sure you can find it elsewhere. I wore this same outfit on New years this year and wore it again at my cousin's wife's baby shower,  just to show my support that you don't need to go out and continuously buy new things to fit in or look cool. It was astonishing to discover how many things and lives the fashion industry affects and it'll change how I shop in the future but non the less I'm sanguine that it will be 100% ethical one day. Hope you're enjoying your day!

                                                                                           Yolanta x


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