ICA + Southbank = Fun

                                    Top - H&M // Denim skirt - Topshop // Sandals - H&M // Bag - Primark

My friend Hannah came to London in July, I happily took her around and loved each moment. On this particular day we visited the ICA which was emptier than the last time I visited, I guess there're more exhibitions coming in September but non the less it was an enjoyable experience. The weather was fantastic and she helped capture the fun through these photos, we made our way down the underground and had a mini shoot on the train. Getting off at Waterloo we took a stroll down southbank and my God was it filled with life! We found these cool coloured strips of plastic hanging around and had a goofy time standing behind them and having a full on photoshoot. We had lunch, found a mini art gallery and breezed through the Tate. I loved spending time with Hannah, earlier in the day we had a mini Yoga session by the lake near my house. London felt magical because I was experiencing it through her fresh clear eyes and it made me fall back in love with this city. I look forward to her coming back and I'll keep re-discovering this busy city. Hope you enjoyed this post, I'm currently in a full face of makeup drinking a mean Chi tea latte and about to chaw down a sausage toasty! Keep following your heart <3

                                                                                     Yolanta x


  1. These pictures are amazing, I absolutely love your outfit! x


    1. Thank you so much Mira :) I had a lot of fun x


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