durdle door

                                                  Shirt - Vintage // Jumpsuit - H&M // Sandels - Primark

I went on a road trip to Durdle Door in Dorset a few weeks ago, and was it incredible. My friends Danyal and Shahrukh hired a car and we drove there, although we were stuck traffic for hours, we sang along to terrible songs on the radio and laughed for the length of the journey. It took about four hours to reach, I jumped out of the car to stretch my legs, as my feet touched the ground I was met with a majestic sea view. We gathered a few things and headed down a steep hill that led us to down to the cliff side. We took a moment to take some photos and appreciate the view, somehow my friends convinced me to climb up an uneven cliff, I was so scared I looked down 80 feet and knew with one slip it could all be over for me lol. But I was not gonna let that happen, I maned up and reached the top like a trooper (but I'll never do it again) I took those sitting pictures above after my victory. We then went down to the shore because I wanted to get my feet into the water, I love the water it was so grounding to feel the sand slip back and forth, with each tide my feet would sink further. We then headed back to the car and spent the rest of the evening driving to local towns (Lyme Regis, the Isle of Portland and Weymouth) looking for food but getting distracted by finding islands and forgotten castles. We found a fish and chips stall at around 10pm on a busy beach, there was music blaring, people dancing, the sound of waves and the smell of the now pitch black sea. We munched in the car and began our long drive back to London, I leaned my head to look up at the sky and I saw the clearest view of the constellation and told my friends to have a look. We made a pit stop at the side of a long narrow road and spent a few minutes star gazing, pointing out the Milky way and Orion's Belt. Then the boys dropped me home, I'm usually reluctant to get home too late but that night at 2am as my head hit my pillow I thanked God for a beautiful day with two of the best people. Hope you enjoyed this post and a happy Bank holiday to you!

                                                                                             Yolanta x


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