A "sad" day at Illamasqua

Top - Topshop // Skirt - Vintage 

  I had fun day at the Illamasqua HQ a while ago I was made into a manga character - a pretty sad one too. The process was long and my makeup artist was so dedicated and passionated I respected her technique and the amount of conturing she did on my face (especially my nose). She has done makeup for the runway and Film (The kings speech one of me fav's). I still think it turned out looking incredible and I have to say I loved having blue eyes even if they were filled with tears. I'm the kind of girl who sometimes can get uptight and tense so this was a great way to laugh at myself because in a way I do reflect this character, I cry alllll the time, Tears of joy (watching wedding videos, cute dogs, romantic movies) etc, Sadness (finishing a series I love i.e Humans </3) and sometimes I cry about missing the train to work haha. Overall I'm trying to lighten up a little, be a little kinder to myself and laugh a lot more and I did a lot of that in July! Progress! To finish the look my makeup artist pasted rubber eyelashes to my forehead - Don't I look Gorgeous? I took a group photo with the other models and an extra 20mins taking off the makeup. I then asked a lovely team member to Beat my face to the Gods lol not really. But he way nice enough to do a lovely Gold eye, dramatic brows with lovely dark lips (I dig this colour!). As always I love food so I headed out to Ed's Diner with friends and I had a mean hot dog - it was sooo yummy. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, stay sassy as always!  

                                                                           Yolanta x   


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