Kenwood House

 Crop top - H&M // High waisted Jeans - Vintage Levis // Hat - Obey // Belt - ASOS // Sandles - H&M// Back pack - Primark

I payed a lovely visit to Kenwood House a few weeks ago! Sorry for the late post I'm still in holiday mode (Pictures will be up soon :)!). It was such a beautiful and wonderful day, one of my best friends took me there to explore. He told me about it's rich history, beautiful scenery and I had to see it for myself. It was a 26 minute walk from the station, sore feet accompanied by funny conversations eased the pain, ohh and was it worth the trek. Dido Belle was my main interest, I love reading about her history, especially because it was unusual for her as a black woman to be free, treated as an equal and embraced among the Mansfield family in the 18th century. The house was elegantly decorated with blasts of baby blue paint on the walls, high ceilings, large windows and chandeliers. Definitely my kind of place. I wore my white cropped top and high waisted vintage jeans for a casual look, I added my Obey hat for a little street cred haha. I wanted to keep everything simple as it was such a hot day and we walked to Primrose Hill after and ended the day with some Nandos (I heart Nandos). Let me know what you've been up to, hope your having a wonderful July so far.

                                                                                         Yolanta x


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