what's in my makeup bag !

  • I thought it would be a fantastic idea to share with you what is in my Makeup bag! I'm not a makeup Guru but I wanted to share the products I reach for the most to create a very simple everyday makeup look.  

  • Mac studio fix Fluid in NW50 - I've been using this liquid foundation for a year now and I love it. I works well with my combination skin and gives me a natural coverage. I use a pea size amount and find it to be enough coverage for me, it's easy to apply and blends into the skin well. I find that on hot days my skin can get a little oily so I use a primer and sometimes I add a loose powder on top of my foundation. 
  • Illamasqua skin base lift  in Deep 2 - This is by far my favourite concealer as you can tell lol! I use it under my eyes and sometimes to define my brows. It's heavy in consistency so a little goes a long way and gives a great coverage for the days I need a little bit extra. I use my finger to cover blemishes, uneven skin tone and dark circles, it compact which makes it practical to have it on the go.  

  • Illamasqua Gel liner in Infinity - I personally prefer using Gel liners as opposed to liquid liners, I like being able to build up the line without fear of getting it wrong. This gel liner is particularly good because it creates a smooth, rich black line which lasts all day without all the faff! 
  • Maybeline great lash - Me and mascara aren't really great friends, but non the less this one does the job. If you are looking for an affordable mascara that defines and lengthens I'd recommend this one. 
  • Illamasqua Eye shadow in Wolf - I love how natural this powder is on my lids, it's highly pigmented and easy to apply. It's so versatile that I use it to contour with at times,  and it's long lasting. There're so many other beautiful colours which you can find on here

  • Illamasqua Eye brow cake in Gaze - I find that this shade matches my natural brow colour, I personally don't like black brows. I use it mainly dry with a brush to create a natural soft enhancement, for a more defined look I mix it with water or a sealing gel to get those 'Fleek' brows lol. 
  • Rimmel professional Eye brow pencil in Deep Brown - Alternatively I also use this brow pencil to fill in and lengthen the arc of my brows for a more natural look. It comes with a built in brush which I use to groom and shape. I think it's a great alternative if you are looking for something affordable. 

  • Illamasqua Gleam highlighter in Supernatural - I love this product it's my first ever highlighter and i like how easy it is to use. It's creamy, compact and contains lustrous pearlescent pigments which catches the light perfectly. It contains a warm bronze iridescence that lifts and highlights giving an alluring glow. I use it on my cheeks, sometimes on my brow bone and in the inner corner of my eyes, very versatile and well worth the money. 

  • Illamasqua lipstick in Buff - I used to be a ruby woo girl until I fell in love with this lipstick. It's all kinds of beautiful, it's the kind of red that is beautiful on all skin tones. Highly pigmented I find it lasts all day and doesn't dry out my lips. I usually use it as more of a lip tint for a warm look but could easily apply more product to create a POP! 
  • Illamasqua Eye colouring pencil in Honour - I love how dark and deep brown this pencil is, you can use this product for the eyes as an eyeliner or to blend over the eye lid. I personally use it as a lip pencil with Buff to create an ombre effect they both compliment each other so well. 

  • And that's it! Heres the final look :)! Hope this post was helpful in some way, let me know if you'd like to see more makeup posts on here I'm no guru but I'd love to share the products and brands I love to use.

                              Yolanta x


  1. That skin base looks amazing, and damn you are gorgeous!
    Hope you've had a great day,
    Bethany x


    Do pop over to my blog, if you fancy of course, and tell me what you think!

  2. i haven't tried any of these but i'm interested in trying illamasqua! you look great :)

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway


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