Birds Of Chona

                                                     Dress - Birds Of Chona // Hat - Peacocks // Heels - New Look

For those of you who don't know I have a sister Blog which I share with my family called Birds Of Chona. Initially this is were I caught the blogging bug from, this week I'm sharing with you the dress I designed for the brand (Yes who know I was a designer lol). Initially I wanted this to be a jacket but it looks fabulous as a dress too! The two fabric combination is something I wanted to implement and thought it would give the garment a modern edge! It reminded me of the 80's so I curled my hair wore a hat and put on some heels for a feminine edge! I'm really into wearing outfits that are effortless and colourful especially in Spring. It was a nerve-racking experience but I'm glad I gave designing a go, who knows maybe I could create more and someone might want to buy them! Let me know what you think of my creation and have a look on Birds of Chona as my sisters each designed their own pieces. Have a lovely day

                                                                        Yolanta x


  1. So gorgeous :D

  2. OMG how exciting!! <3 such beautiful colors!!! xx

  3. This styling looks great, you look Beautifully

  4. Love your dress, you did a great job! :) x

  5. Hello Yolanta! You are super talented and should continue designing as it is obviously one of your passions. Love the dress you designed and I would definitively buy if I see it at a store. Love your hair, the shoes and your beautiful self. Keep going and don't stop my friend. The sky is your limit! XOXO, Jeannette

  6. You look amazing dear! Love that dress


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