Mug - Starbucks // The Encyclopaedia of Early Earth - Amazon // Everything else - Primark

Hello lovelies! Long time no see ... I'm so sorry for my disappearance! But I hope this Christmas post helps you to forgive me? I know who can resist a cute christmas jumper! I wanted to give you an insight into how my christmas morning looks like! Personally I believe Christmas starts on Christmas eve, meaning that I love going to sleep feeling cozy and Merry. I bought all of these from Primark, its a savvy way to save money but feel just as festive! Cute christmas bedding and pyjama bottoms are sleeping essentials in my household as they help create an atmosphere for me. When I saw this Christmas pudding jumper I feel In Love! It's perfect and so warm ... And it lights up, yes it really does! (Bonus) I love having tea in the morning and what better than in an Antler mug? Duh, how cool is that handle? (I have a secret Mug obsession). I love to read each morning and here I'm reading one of my favourite graphic novels 'The Encyclopaedia of Early Earth' I'd recommend it for anyone who loves a story of love and adventure. And lastly here are some cheesy photos of me opening some gifts (the things you do for blogging lol). I've missed you all and I hope you are all doing fine, let me know what are some of your favourite things that get you into the Christmas spirit? Be happy, positive and live the adventure.

                                                                                      Yolanta x


  1. I love your Christmas sweater. My mother buys my brother and I Christmas pajamas every year and it's awesome. Merry Christmas in advance.

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you've had a great Christmas xx

  2. Glad to see you back looks like you had a great christmas..xx p.s I love christmassy pj's


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